Pause Button? FedEx!

When you’re knee deep in a negotiation with a client, things sometimes can go astray. That’s when perhaps your counterpart in the conversation is hammering you for a price concession, more licensing for less of a fee, etc. Next thing you know, you’re perspiring profusely and your talking faster and faster, starting to sound like Mickey Mouse, all because your emotions are taking over your normally clear thinking.

Have you been in this situation and, after you’ve hung up the phone, thought to yourself, “If only I had said [insert words you wished you said here].” A friend of mine gave me a great tip: get off the phone to gather your thoughts, cool off, and perhaps seek advice, by blaming an interruption on the FedEx delivery person.

It’s brilliant because almost everyone will give you a break for a FedEx delivery. Why? Because everyone knows the FedEx person won’t wait too long for you to answer the door and they understand that if something is coming to you via FedEx, it must be important. Say something like, “Oh, you know, my buzzer just rang and I’m expecting a FedEx delivery, may I call you right back?” Then, after you’ve recomposed yourself, call the person back, thank them for allowing you to “get your delivery” and proceed intelligently. It may sound silly, but I’ve used this “excuse” successfully twice.

So next time you’re losing control in a negotiating and need time to pull yourself together, remember, at least at that instant, the FedEx delivery person just might be your best friend. Good luck!

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about 12 years ago

As a FedEx Ground driver this post made me laugh for how true it is. We(I) really don't wait very long do we? Haha. Great tip.

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