How Do You Answer the Phone?

I know a photographer here in Detroit who answers his phone, “Studio.”

We get one chance to make a first impression. Don’t make it sound like you’re rushed and bothered to be taking a potential client’s call. I remember working in a toy store back in High School and thinking it was silly how they wanted us to answer the phone, but now I get it. In this age of “good enough” be grateful that your phone is ringing and the client didn’t go out and buy a Canon G10 so they could take their own photographs!

Answer the phone with a smile, the caller will “hear” it on the other end. I’d suggest something like, “Firefly Studios, this is Blake.” It lets the person know they’ve reached your studio and who they’re talking to. Then let the conversation start. Two tips: be a good listener, and if you get in over your head, you can always let the FedEx guy save you!

Photograph by Tambako licensed under a Creative Commons license.


African mango

about 13 years ago

I appreciate your work , regards for all the good posts .

Nate Grant

about 13 years ago

I think the tone of voice is most important like Blake says. I think it's important to either match the mood or slightly surpass it (just a notch or two) of the person calling you. Dante, can you elaborate more on your new preferred method of answering phone calls and why you feel it is better? I just answer and say, "TNG Photography, this is Nate" and that works great for me.

Danté Bell

about 14 years ago

Hi, Excellent article. A couple of years ago I heard an interview on NPR with the CEO of Starwood Hotels (W, Sheraton, etc) and one thing sticks in my mind from his interview. He says he answers the phone with, "Hello, this is 'my name' of Starwood. What can I do for you?" The important part is "What can I do for you?". I've started doing this with calls, and IM's; it works. Customers realize that you are there for them and are ready to listen to what they are looking for or need. .-= Danté Bell´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

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