Great Blogs That Will Help You Sell

Repeating my mantra “photographers are salespeople first, image creators second”, I thought I’d share two of my favorite blogs on the topic of sales.

The first, written by S. Anthony Iannarino of Columbus, Ohio, offers straightforward suggestions and tips to help you with just about every aspect of the sales process including cold calling to closing to asking for referrals. Check it out at

Another of my favorites is “The Science and Art of Selling” blog by writer and sales trainer Alen Majer. I like his blog because most of his posts are quick tips that can help to get you back on track after you’ve just lost that job you were trying hard to get. Here’s a guy who’s latest book is titled, “Selling Is Better Than Sex”. I mean, this guy takes sales very seriously!

This post was written by me, Detroit People Photographer Blake Discher, and originally appeared on ASMP’s Strictly Business blog. Illustration by Mister Kha, licensed under a Creative Commons license.


Dental Labs

about 13 years ago

That is a rather interesting saying. I never thought that photographers were in fact salespeople first; but you're right, now that I think about it, it is entirely true. A good observation :-)

Web Design

about 13 years ago

The people involved in the sales field are really very spontaneous one and I really appreciate their presentation and talking skill that help them earn their bread and butter. I went through the blogs and I really appreciate the ideas expressed through them.

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