Hang With Winners to Be Successful

Hang with WinnersTalk with anyone who plays tennis and they’ll tell you that in order to improve their game, they have to play against players who are better than they are. Tennis players are ranked on a numeric scale, I’m a 3.0 so I like to play against 3.5 or 4.0 players. In doing so, I like to think my game will improve.

The same is true for photographers. Attend any gathering of photographers and there will always be the bunch of “grumpy old guys” in the corner talking about how things “used to be” and hoping those good old days will come back. Fact is, they won’t. Get as far away from that gang as possible, they’ll only bring you down.

Instead, seek out photographers who are succeeding in spite of the economy, in spite of tightened budgets, in spite of all the negativity out there. Hang with them, hang with winners. Some will share what’s working for them and what’s not. A few will give advice. Winning attitudes are infectious. Want to be successful? Hang with winners, observe, listen, and have a positive attitude. Your business will likely benefit!

Photo by Horia Varlan, used under Creative Commons License.


Milagros Racey

about 12 years ago

Comment I think the same can be said for most hobbies and professions- hang out with the best i you want to become better!

Blake J. Discher

about 12 years ago

You as well Will. Looking forward to getting into Seattle and seeing the gang there.

Will Austin

about 12 years ago

With this in mind I'm looking forward to meeting you in Seattle tomorrow night!

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