Still Intoxicated By Photography?

in•tox•i•cat•ed [in-tok-si-key-tid] adjective: mentally or emotionally exhilarated.

Friends often ask, “What was it that got you interested in photography?” My answer refers back to the first time I saw a silver print appear in the developer during my eighth grade photography class. I was “intoxicated” by photography from that point on. And I still am.

That said, I’m bothered that I haven’t worked on any personal projects in many years. With 365-projects all the rage, I just might start that picture-a-day project. There are plenty of good free blogging-platform templates from which to choose to showcase one’s work and you could even utilize Instagram or Tumblr if you’d like to work with a mobile phone.

What does this have to with web marketing? The answer is that both your existing clients and potential clients will enjoy looking at your personal work. My website tracking data shows that the “Personal” category is second in clicks only to the “Corporate” category on my Firefly Studios site.

I think people have a real curiosity about what we photograph when we’re not being paid to photograph. While I was in China last month my good friend Peter Krogh turned me on to panos and time-lapse using the Nikon D800, so that’s what I’m going to concentrate on over the summer.

So get started with me as deepen my intoxication with photography. There’s no time like now to begin!



about 12 years ago

I agree that clients will be interested in looking at your previous work and seeing what other things you can do to show you are good at more than one thing. When you are not being paid to do something it shows even more how much you love doing it.

Will Austin

about 12 years ago

Thanks for the reminder Blake, I'm going to add it to my website. I actually did a personal project in Colorado recently that I am really excited about.

Fred Rollison

about 12 years ago

A good reminder Blake and thanks for the post!

headshot photographer

about 12 years ago

I'm still intoxicated too! And nice to see your own photo on the blog...pretty sunflower!

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