Biz Down or Stagnant? 10 Things To Do Now!

Thou shalt not stealBusiness down or stagnant? When did you last…

Tip #1: Update the images on your website? (Google loves fresh content.)

#2: Refresh the “About Me” page on your website? (Again, Google loves fresh content.)

#3: Mail (using snail mail) a thank you to a client with whom you’ve recently worked? (Snail mail is so much more impressive than email.)

#4: Do an email blast to your existing and prospective clients? (Be sure to include your name or studio name in the subject.)

#5: Attend a networking event… even an art opening at a local gallery?
(EVERY gathering is a networking opportunity.)

#6: Took a client you haven’t worked for in a while out to lunch? (If you worked in a cubicle eight hours a day you’d be delighted to get out of the office!)

#7: Given a framed “fine art” print to a client for his or her office? (Include a note that if they can’t use it to pass it along to someone who can.)

#8: Delivered scones or bagels to a client you’ve recently worked with? (Enough for the entire floor or office!)

#9: Hand delivered an orchid to a client you have (or haven’t) worked with recently? (Orchids are exotic and last quite a long time.)

#10: Offered to photograph a client’s child next Saturday at the local park? (Yes, for free.)

Time to get busy!


Mark Lobo - Melbourne Photographer

about 11 years ago

Thanks for the reminder. Good customer service never fails :)

Blake J. Discher

about 12 years ago

Absolutely, and so does Costco. My thanks to you Mary for the idea of giving orchids!

Michigan Model Photographers

about 12 years ago

Orchids are great and Meiers always has a wonderful variety.

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