Sell Before or After the Shoot?

I was speaking with New York Portrait Photographer Michelle Kawka recently and she shared a recent experience with regard to knowing how to price a recent wedding job she photographed.

During her initial consultation with the couple, Michelle sensed that price would be an issue for the couple. She decided a good approach would be to discount her usual price for “photography and an album” a bit, and trust her ability to sell the couple additional albums, prints, and other tangibles when the couple came to her studio to review the photographs. (Just a side note, Michelle is a Sandler Training “graduate” and exudes confidence in just about everything she does.)

In this case she discounted her package up front about 15-percent but in the end, the couple resulted in a total sale that exceeded her standard package price by about 30-percent.

Being able to correctly qualify a customer with regards to budget can help you to determine the best pricing strategy. Your eventual strategy depends on your level of confidence to sell after the shoot; always be mindful that we’re salespeople first, and photographers second. In fact, I tell both emerging and established photographers that sales training is just as important as technical training. These days, there is only one business model: sales.

Photograph courtesy and ©2012 Michelle Kawka.

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