How Best to Get Client Testimonials (Book Exerpt)

Written by People Photographer Blake J. Discher

ASMP’s hot-off-the-presses book helps photographers understand photo markets in the digital age. “The ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography”, consists of chapters written by individuals having different areas of expertise including including Tom Kennedy, Peter Krogh, Judy Herrmann, Richard Kelly and Colleen Wainwright. My chapter discusses selling in the new economy, what follows is an excerpt:

Testimonials Are Gold

Testimonials on websites are fast becoming popular. In today’s rushed world however, merely sending an email asking for a testimonial will likely not yield positive results. Your request will likely drop to the bottom of your client’s to-do list. Because of staff cutbacks, most of our clients are doing the work of several people and might not have the time to get to your request.

Make it easy for them. Instead, write the testimonial yourself and then email it to your client with a paragraph letting them know you’ve enjoyed working with them in the past and you’ve attached a testimonial about the photography you provided for their approval. Don’t go overboard in your review of yourself, keep it humble and let them embellish if they care to.

Keep in mind that some corporations forbid vendors from trading on their name. Check any contracts or other written agreements you may have signed before posting any testimonials on your site. Don’t assume your company contact knows the corporate policy.


Blake J. Discher

about 11 years ago

Thanks Joe, glad to hear the estimating workflow is working for you. I'll take you up on that beer offer!

Joe Senchuk

about 11 years ago

I read your chapter a couple of months ago and I started using the "follow-up call" after I send the estimate. Yeah... that was a great tip! I was used to sending an estimate and simply letting them stew on it and since I have been using the follow-up call right as I click the send button it gets me another chance to talk to the prospective client and I have had a much higher rate of success selling my services because of it. I suppose I owe ya a beer at least. Thanks bud! ~Joe

Blake J. Discher

about 11 years ago

It's always a good idea to make it as simple as possible for them. When I pre-write it, my success rate soars. What I write is always tempered, that is, I don't go overboard gushing about myself, but often clients will "tweak" it a bit making me sound even more impressive!

headshot photographer

about 11 years ago

You are right Blake. Asking via email no matter how much they rave about a session, rarely yields results. I think I'll give your method a try!

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