Professional Training for Your Group

Blake Discher speaking to audienceI’ve spoken to more than 200 audiences internationally on the topics of SEO, networking, and sale & negotiating. Programs are described as though your group is comprised of photographers, but I’ve adapted the programs to other occupation trade associations.

I offer four programs ranging in length from two to three hours, with three hours being ideal because it allows adequate time for questions throughout the program. Handouts are provided and an extensive list of resources are made available to seminar attendees at no charge.

For your consideration:

SEO Essentials: Helping Clients Find Your Photography Business Online

It’s been five years since I first presented an SEO program and things have changed. Those that attended and applied my advice to their websites improved their rankings, in many cases to page one! There are no guarantees of course, but the SEO principles presented in this program are sound, can be applied to your website by you, and will likely yield results. Don’t spend hundreds for the same information elsewhere, attend this info-packed seminar to help you make more money. (Companion DVD discounted to attendees.)

Description: Now that Google let the Panda out of the zoo, things have changed dramatically in the world of search engine optimization. Did you know that most photo buyers now use the Internet to locate photographers? Is your Web site compatible with search engines? Are features of your site’s content sabotaging its ability to be found by your target audience? How can you help your customers find your services and you online?

Answers to these questions and more will be covered including how SEO affects your search ranking, the importance of selecting the right keywords, titles, and descriptions for every element of content you post. Learn how to increase traffic to your website and manage your online reputation. Blake Discher will help you learn how you can implement both on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your site’s ranking in the leading search engines. He’ll cover a wide range of topics including correct page title tags, how to create an effective and optimized META description tag, keyword research, and how to integrate search keyword phrases into your website’s copy. You’ll learn back-linking methodology through the efficient use of your blog, what search engines consider to be spam, and SEO terminology so that you can do most of the work yourself.

Attend and find out:

  • Why SEO is relevant and important for your business
  • How social networks have impacted search algorithms used by popular search engines including Google & Bing
  • Developing a solid strategy to get found online Why incorrect link-exchanges can hurt you
  • How good SEO practices can be applied and help you grow your customer base on social networks

Come prepared for a fast-paced, information-packed seminar!


“Blake is a dynamic speaker with an extensive knowledge of SEO. He manages to make a seemingly dry and sometimes difficult to understand topic interesting, informative and fun. As a result of applying the knowledge I learned in his seminars, my SEO ranking jumped from nonexistent on Google to #4 for my specific keywords in one week, overtaking my competitors.” — Michelle Kawka, New York

“Blake is one of the best speakers out there. He takes a potentially dry subject like SEO and turns it into an entertaining and informative program. I had just started my business when I took Blake’s class. I didn’t even know SEO existed. I left with a clear understanding of what I needed to do, and more importantly the information was broken down into manageable steps. Because of that class, my website has ranked #1 for my search terms through much of my career. The return has far exceeded the investment. I’ve taken Blake’s class twice more since then, just for fun. Yes, it’s that good.” — Jenna Close, San Diego

“I first took Blake’s SEO class in 2008. I took vigorous notes and had my webmaster implement what I learned into my website re-design. After that not only did my website end up on page one, sometimes number one for most of my search terms, but I have been able to maintain that position for four years. This newfound visibility on the web propelled my business into the spotlight. It significantly changed my income level because it allowed me to create a recognizable brand and become an expert in my market. I also took Blake’s SEO class in 2011 knowing that Google had changed a lot of its SEO algorithms. Again what I learned helped me achieve significant SEO results with search terms that I hadn’t yet been able to do that with. I will continue to take this class as many times as I can because the knowledge I walk away with each time is invaluable.” — Vanie Poyey, Los Angeles

Network to Get Inquiries, Negotiate to Make Them Clients!

This brand new, just-out-of-the-wrapper program is a hybrid of the “Stop Your Grumbling…” and the “No Limits Sales…” programs. When presented in Boston a few weeks ago, an attendee wrote to the chapter president: “I thought Blake’s presentation was so valuable for anyone in our industry, from those just starting out to well established business owners. His presence was very much like that of a coach and his message was very clear. I think the application of his approach to business would benefit everyone who struggles with this balance.”

Description: One of the best ways to gain new prospective clients in this economy is through networking. And once you’ve been contacted by a prospect, intelligent negotiating and pricing skills will help you to convert her into a client. Join Blake Discher in this fast paced, “what would you do?” seminar as he shares what’s worked for him during the recent downturn in the economy. Based in Detroit, networking helped his photography business remain viable in one of the hardest hit markets in the country. He’ll gently help you to get outside your comfort zone and give you tips to begin the process of networking. You’ll hear candid, frank advice on negotiating, pricing, and how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You’ll leave after just two hours with information and techniques that you can put to use the next day to improve your bottom line.

Selling, Negotiating, and…
Pssst! Want Some Pricing Advice?

This is the most popular and interactive seminar I offer. We talk sales strategies, share suggestions to help each other with hypothetical selling situations, and at the end price an actual job. Great for emerging photographers and advanced pros alike, everyone will learn something and become more comfortable in their own selling process.

Description: Do you freeze up as soon as your prospective client asks you for a “buyout”? Do you dread the moment they ask you what your price is? You’ll learn why it’s critical to think of yourself as a salesperson first, and a photographer second. Not everyone can have a rep doing the selling for them, so you need to figure out how to be your studio’s best salesperson. But actually you aren’t the best salesperson… you’ll find out who is in this info-packed seminar.

Come prepared to take notes so that you’ll be able to put what you learn into practice the day you return to your studio! Put your fears aside, learn:

  • How to position yourself to be successful
  • The top reasons photographers fail, it will surprise you!
  • Leverage your accomplishments with prospects
  • Why second place might be OK
  • Why you should stop celebrating victory
  • How to listen and ask the right questions on a phone inquiry
  • How to properly qualify your callers… don’t waste a minute on tire-kickers
  • Pricing strategies that work, and resources to help you price

It’s no secret, good negotiators make more income, work under more favorable terms, and have more returning clients than those who lack negotiating skills. Your business depends on your sales ability, this is a seminar you can’t afford to miss!

This program is not only informative, but because a portion of it is interactive with fellow attendees, it’s also a lot of fun. I discuss the six elements of negotiating in detail, give real real-world, anecdotal examples of tricky situations I’ve encountered. At the end of the formal presentation, we’ll break up into small group for role-playing sessions tailored to your industry. It’s a great way put to use everything just presented.

What attendees have said about this seminar:

“Absolutely amazing and dead on for business.” — Joana Gribko
“Blake was inspirational, informative and amusing!” — Terra Chandler
“Blake’s tell it to you straight style is perfect.” — David Hillegas
“Incredible information — Blake has removed the smoke and mirrors of our business.” — Alicia Eschwege
“I now know how to put my foot down respectfully.” — Julie Birkemeir

Stop Your Grumbling, Get Out There!

This popular program always gets rave reviews. It offers tons of put-it-to-use-tomorrow advice on how to utilize networking as part of your marketing strategy. (Companion book available.)

Description: Do you know how to sell yourself? How good are you at networking? Do you have an elevator speech? Do you waste time on folks that base decisions on price?

Topics include:

  • How to “work a room”
  • Learn how to build your brand: you!
  • Positioning yourself apart from the crowd to be successful
  • The reasons photographers fail
  • Starting an accountability group
  • Learn the value in aspiring to be second
  • Overcoming fear of getting out there
  • Celebrate effort not just victory
  • Learn what it means to be a professional in sales

Grover Sanchagrin, co-founder of PhotoShelter, wrote a review of the book which was based on this program: “No question, this book will help your business… it’s packed full of solid networking advice that you can put to use immediately from someone who knows how it’s done.”