Editing for Your Own Portfolio? Don’t!

2924786954_040d27f97b_bPhotographers are not the best editors of their own work. The task of choosing which images belong in your portfolio, either online or analog, is often best left to anyone but yourself.

We’ve all photographed that executive who woke up grumpy or turned a very boring office into an acceptable background for an environmental portrait. Sometimes creating a good image in spite of these challenges results in an emotional attachment to a photograph that otherwise is really not all that exciting.

That’s where a consultant can help. You send them the 40 or so images you are fond of and think will look great on your website, and because they are looking at them with fresh, objective eyes, they have no emotional attachment to them. You might hate hearing it, but they’ll be honest and will tell you “which of your children are ugly.”

Sometimes the truth is brutal… sometimes they’ll tell you to go out and create more images. But in the end your portfolio will benefit by being a more cohesive, tighter representation of your work.

[Photo by Armand Dijck, used under Creative Commons License.]

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Valent Lau

about 10 years ago

Finding the right portfolio consultant is also important.

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